Student Council

Student Council

The main aim of the council is to address the needs and concern of the entire student body. Thus they develop confidence and other leadership qualities like self-discipline, self-control, social awareness, positive thinking and responsibilities towards the environment, community and nation.

The Perfects of our school are selected by the faculty and the house staff. Our professional system is made up of the school captain, House Captain, Head boy, Girl Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl, Games Captain for boys and girls and House perfects.

The duties of the Perfects are summed up in their oath when they solemnly promise to maintain discipline, lead in the right way and uphold the honour and good name of our school. They also promise to discharge their duties loyalty and impartially. They learn as they work as perfect that with authority comes responsibility and all its associated challenges. The older students learn to care for the youngers ones. We hope to achieve our goal of creating conscientious and responsible citizens. The Perfects are advised and guided by the house masters.

Students School/Prefects Council

This is very important and integral part of our School. We have an in house Counselors and a team of teachers who provide pastoral care to all the children. No child is allowed to feel the stress of growing up. The counselors hold session with both boys and girls, preparing them for natural physical changes that they go through and helping them to understand and cope with the attending psychological and emotional stress. Chidren are taught to take on the challenges of academic pressure. We want our children to be strong, caring, compassionate, and unafraid to face the challenges and stress of the outside world.